Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

We are all in search of the perfect relationship; men and women were created to complete each other and it’s no wonder why they are always on the lookout for their match. However, more often than not they end up obsessing on the ideal relationship, overlooking the person and neglecting the work it entails to build a lasting relationship.

People no matter how close they grow to love each other are still unique in their own way and it is important to recognize and respect that individuality. Some people because of their strong desire to make their relationship perfect end up trying to control everything and make it work according to how they have envisioned it would be. They try to change their partners according to who they want them to be and not accept them for who they are. But anything that is smothered dies and the same goes with relationships.

Loving relationships should maintain enough space for each individual to thrive and grow; supporting one another in order to reach each other’s potential. When one or the other steps in too close, over shadowing the other then the relationship starts to build up resentment. Respect for one another’s uniqueness is very important and if you keep looking for that person who will fit your requirements, you will never be able to find the relationship that will make you happy.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to own each other. Maintain space and respect the boundaries when you are with someone. This will not only help each other grow and reach one’s potential it will also keep the mystery and interest in each other alive. You can’t expect to know everything just because you are a couple. Give him or her freedom and the liberty to disclose and share his new discoveries and it will give you both something new to learn about each other.

Through this, both of you will maintain the solemnity of the relationship. Respect is the most important thing in order to gain your partner’s trust. Being able to sustain the responsibilities and obligations is also important since aside from your mutual affairs someone are involve, and that’s what we called family.

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  • mal_functiongeo:

    ANDRIENNE i’m single thanks

  • Nick:

    I’m 16 years old and still in highschool and my boyfriend is 18 and is leaving for college on the upcoming 28th of August. We have been dating 8 months now and are still very much in love and care about each other so much. BUT his leaving for college is taking a toll on our relationship… and my self esteem/trust. His college is very close by to home and he’d be visiting, so we’re not completely set to fail…but I can’t help but worry. These past few weeks I’ve had horrible nightmares that include him cheating on me or him telling me upfront that he does not want/love me anymore.

    These dreams and thoughts have been corrupting my time with him and I’m afraid to share all this with him because he’ll translate that into I have no trust in him. I don’t know whats wrong with me. Could we ever work out in the end if my mindset stays this way? help pplease.

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x:

    In your opinion is it more crucial to the overall growth and developement of a relationship to be A.) mentally compatible B.) physically compatible C.)sexually compatible D.) emotionally compatible E.) spiritually compatible F.) or some other measure of compatibility.

    In order for relationship to grow which measure of compatiblity is a MUST ?

  • Armas:

    is it healthy to only talk to your girlfriend once a day one the phone from anywhere between 10-45 minutes on the phone at night? We are long distance and starting to get really busy… we only see each other 2 different days a week or sometimes 1 day every other weekend… are we able to maintain a healthy relationship from that?

  • Xedo:

    im a young girl and i wanna keep a long healthy relationship.

  • Squall Leonhart:

    In romantical relationships.
    Well, there are so much unhealthy, bad relationships, emotional abuse, divorces, cheating, pains, lyings… the question has to be asked.

    Do you have a successful relationship with your partner and if so

    What are your tips and advices


  • Caltel T:

    Me and my girlfriend have been together 2 years. We are both 16 and virgins
    Recently we’ve been argueing alot wich is because we spend to much time together and we are working on that.
    But how do I stop the argueing and bring back the spark?
    I know I’m 16 and but I want this too work
    Relationship advice needed to keep it happy and long lasting

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