Get Back The Man You Love – How To Bring him Running Back

When you are still in love with the man who dumped you, it is natural to be confused and wonder what you did to make him stop loving you. Of course this confusion can lead to making mistakes that will only push him farther away. To get your ex back, you need to understand that there are certain rules to follow after a breakup.

There are certain things that you can do that will make your guy begin to miss you and regret the breakup. But, if you don’t follow these rules it can cause you to lose the man you love for good. Certain actions that you take will effect his thinking and push his emotional hot buttons to the max. This is known as using male psychology.

However on the other hand you can also do things that will make him wonder what he ever saw in you and push him right into the arms of another woman. So, before you start chasing your ex boyfriend and try to make him talk to you, it would be wise to know what will pull him back to you and what will push him away. There are rules of engagement in war and also rules you need to follow when you are trying to get back the man you love.

First of all you have to realize that you can’t force your ex to want to be with you. Your guy broke up with you because he wasn’t happy with your relationship and the more you push him the more he will remember why he was unhappy. However, absence does make the heart grow fonder and if you give him time, he may begin to think of the good times you had together.

You also need time to get your emotions in check and think of what might have caused the breakup. It is important that you try to make changes in yourself instead of thinking of ways to change your ex boyfriend. He knows his faults and when he has time to think they will become apparent to him. When he begins to see that the breakup was the fault of both of you, he will be see how important you are to him.

The best way to get back the man you love is to use the no contact rule and let male psychology do the rest. Allowing your ex boyfriend to see what his life is like without you can bring him running back faster than anything else.

But once you have him back you want to keep him for good so remember that a successful relationship involves a lot of give and take and you both need to realize that the good outweighs the bad.

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  • Cliffy N:

    pls have me the lyrics of the song ”BROKEN HEARTED MAN” by SPIRAL STAIRCASE

  • thexbox360player:

    I am afraid I am just being used by this man! I do have feelings for him, however I have a child and he usually doesn’t have much to do with women who have children! His preference i guess! We have been sexually active for over a year now?

  • Elijah luv:

    I am so confused on what I should do. I have 2 men that i love and care about.

    Man One: i’ve been with for 4 years. Before we got married he wanted me to have 3sums with him both mmf and mff. I didnt want to, but did it for him bc i wanted him to be happy. I hated it. I married him knowing that he needs to sleep w/ other people to be happy. To him it’s meaningless and fun. I thought maybe he’d change. We both had doubts about getting married but went thru w/ it so there werent any whatifs. After we got married he was miserable and wanted to be able to fuck anyone whenever he wanted. His point of view is we only live once so do what u want when u want. He told me that he wouldn’t be completely happy unless we have an open marriage. I fought him on it until i was tired of fighting and gave in. It hurt so much whenever he was on craigslist looking for fuck buddies. Tore me apart when he was horny but didnt want me. It made me feel worthless and ugly. When he went to sleep w/ someone i cried bc i didnt want him to go. He does other things to make up for it, but to me, sex should stay between 2 ppl. U dont know what u could catch and i dont want to submit myself to that. I dont want the man that i love to be doing something like that w/ someone else. He would tell me if i love him i’d let him do it. We got married in march 2010 and started the open marriage in october 2010. I would talk to other guys and flirt and all that but had no intrest in actually meeting them. I finally did it on my own in February of this year. I did it w/ a guy that husband and i had 3sums w/ previously. After that the hubby and i went to a sex party. Originally i didnt want to go. I told another guy i was talking to about it and he came down, paid to get in and spent 3 hours w/ me. After that the hubby and i hooked up w/ a couple from that party. Swap different rooms. Right before that i met Man Two.

    Man Two: I met while trying to go thru the open marriage thing myself. Met him on craigslist on March 13th. Immediate attraction. We started texting and that was it. I love talking to him. He makes me so happy. The happiest i’ve felt in years. He told me that he wants only me. Will never ask me to sleep w/ anyone else and will spend the rest of his life making me happy. I fell in love w/ him. Hard. Everything he told me is everything i’ve wanted. He’s affectionte and my husband isnt. I love affection. Promises mean everything to him. I promised i wouldnt stop talking to him. I cant and dont want to imagine my life w/ out him. We have never met in person. Something usually comes up to prevent it and it’s happened 3 times. He wont meet w/ me until i can be w/ him forever.

    When i told my husband that im falling for another man and im thinking of leaving he begged me to stay. Told me that we dont have to do the open marriage, and he doesnt want to be alone. I decided to stay but bc he hates man two and i cant stop talking to him i let him keep his sex buddy. Just 3 days after all this happened, since man 1 is bi he asked if he could still sleep w/ guys. I told him no and he tried to talk me into it. I wouldnt budge. He said he’d be miserable. He can cut out the women but not the guys. I told him nobody but me. He relunctantly agreed to it. Im scared bc from everything that he’s put into my head previously i think he’s going to sleep. We’ll end up fighting again, almost getting divorced countless times again just like our entire first year of marriage. I cant do that again. So idk if i should leave now and go w/ the new guy, or give man one another chance. What do u think?

  • Gundown64:

    I don’t understand. I know so many guys who fall for these girls who treat them like dirt & play mind-games.

    For example: the guy I am ‘talking’ to has an ex who he has told me about who is….less than nice to him (from himself AND other people who have told me). She had a boyfriend when we started talking; but when she found out about me, suddenly her boyfriend broke up with her and has come running to him for help.

    Now I have been pushed to the side. Which, I can’t claim him – I know…but, dude.

    Why do men love bitches?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:

    normaly man has to encourage them for their sex life and they were not much interestested otherwise.

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