Combat Worries of Family With Family Counseling

Increase in the stress level due to day to day lifestyle change is hampering family relationship. Parents who are often busy in their work and business do not give proper attention to their children. This can make them vulnerable to the feeling that their parents do not love them. This stress also affects relationship between husband and wife, if they are not able to give proper attention and love to their spouse. If something bad has happened in the family and the members of the family are not able to deal with the situation, they require family counseling Austin.

Family counseling helps members to cope with hardships of life. If a parent or both of them are not able to spend time with their children then it can have serious impact on the mental growth of the child. Family counseling will help you to take important steps to improve your relationship with your children and for children it will help them to understand that their parents have to work to earn money for the family.

Counseling especially helps those families who are going through divorce. Divorces are as painful for the children as for their parents and this pain further increase if the divorce includes bickering and fighting parents. When young children see their parents fighting with each other and telling unwanted and bad things about themselves, they become unsure about things and are not able to decide whom to trust and not. Counseling can make this entire process less painful and less excruciating for the children and the parents.

In the situation when a family is suffering from violence either from any outsider or from own member, any member has any bad habit like alcohol consumption, drug abuse or is taking part in anti social activities, counseling becomes a must. It will help to take decisive steps to take care of any of the above given problem. All these problems if not taken care of on time can affect all members emotionally and mentally, hampering growth of the members.

If you are facing any of the above given problem then you must contact Kelley counseling, at for professional family counseling. They will help you in every way by taking one to one counseling session and a combined family counseling session.

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  • sean:

    We are best friends who for the first 28 years held hands, kissed, called each other just to say I love you, held each other and talked about our fears, hopes, dreams. Then she stopped everything, first she no longer wanted oral sex from me then told me to just hurry up and finish with no passion or intimacy involved. Along with this our oldest has just completed back to back deployments to the middle east as a combat infantryman in the Army where he had way too many close calls with his life. Our youngest had an awful drug problem where he went from a star athlete to a drug addict being held in jail and charged with murder. I have always tried to be the best husband any woman would want and a good father. I remember all special occasions, send flowers, leave love notes, do chores around the house regularly. Choose my wife over sports everytime. My family always comes first. I have never wanted to cheat and never gave my wife to worry. I am very affectionate; hugs, kisses, holding hands, body massages, scratching her back and just trying to be a loving understanding, caring husband. I always volunteered to help out at school and any other events my family were involved in. We are not rich but now that both of our children are out of the house we are doing fairly well financially. I recently retired and we had always planned on traveling together. However with us in our late forties my wife is not interested in anything and has no time for me. I must initiate all kissing, holding hands or hugs yet when I do she just stands and makes me feel like I am kissing, holding a cold dead fish. She has put on alot of weight and constantly complains about it. I have always told her that she is beautiful, she is my queen, my love. I tell her how sexy she is to me and how much I am attracted to her. Nothing gets through to her. She wants to sell our house and move, I think it would be good to get away from our small gossipy town but with the economy so bad selling a house is not so easy. I do not know what to do since she will not go to counseling, she hates to talk to people especially about something personal. She is not close to her side of the family it has always been she and I that talked and discussed problems. Now it is like I have an acquaintance sharing my house with me. In the last four months we have had sex twice and none in the last three months. Even then it was her saying just pull my pants down and hurry up and get it done. No soft special touches, no kissing, no loving words. I was sick to my stomach afterward with fear that our marriage was over. I am a good looking forty something man with two grown children and it appears a wife that has no interest, no affection, no love for me anymore. I do not want to stay this way for ten more years and then be old and alone. I just want my best friend, my lover, my wife back to ride our horses, travel go out to eat, see a movie, joke, have special secrets that are just our own, I want to make passionate love with my wife where we both enjoy the experience. I miss my friend/wife what can I do, what should I do. I have always wondered when someone knows it is time to quit the marriage, time to get a divorce. I just never thought I would be asking myself the question on whether it is time for divorce.

  • Joey 01:

    my husband lied to me from day 1 with so much garbage, i can’t even stand it…i didn’t find out the truth until 4 years into the marriage, and after he had adopted my son. i’m so disgusted, i don’t even know what to think. what kind of man would mislead people this way? he did 4 years in the navy as a storekeeper, but never really received all these medals and war injuries. the scars were all from childhood surgeries. i feel so duped. i’m worried about who i can really trust now. do any of you military people know of people who fabricate entire stories (filled with real tears)?
    i’m talking about stepping on booby traps in the jungles of vietnam, being hit with an explosive and lying in a river bed, seeing the medics and spending weeks in the hospital, being the personal chauffer to pierre salinger and dean rusk, being on the first “seal” team, and so many other things–there’s not even room to discuss.!?! all lies. i found his military records and his sister confirmed the truth.
    papi!aka: here’s the problem with that answer. the entire relationship was built on a lie regarding who he is. yes, i can forgive him, but how would you feel if you fell in love with a person who is completely NOT who you thought she was, that every single thing she told you about her past was a complete fabrication, that she played on your emotions, that she tried to impress people who had done far more than she had with grandiose stories that were completely false? this man even lied to his boss and told him that MY older son had been wounded in iraq on the very day that my son was extended to baghdad after serving 12 months in mosul…again, fake tears crying and telling people that the army called and that my son had been wounded!!!!!
    when i met him, he had a tag on the front of his truck that said, “navy seal,” told me he had won the purple heart, bronze star, silver star..i knew nothing about the military and just thought he was so respectable and admirable. (he didn’t just tell me these things..he told my whole family, people he met in public, etc.) i noticed years later, after becoming suspicious, that the scars were all very clean and symmetrical and that there was no scar on the bottom of his foot where he “stepped on a boobytrap.”
    coors, i didn’t meet him on the internet. he approached me at a restaurant where i was having lunch alone and asked to join me. he’s been a good provider, but is a whiner who resents most of what he has done for me and my son. he has major anger and defensiveness and lives in a false reality world. final note: right before he left, 1 1/5 year ago, he was diagnosed as bipolar, but that is not the reason he lies. it basically affects his mood swings. he sees himself as a victim in everything. he has convinced himself now that i was “mean” to him and will NEVER allow me to confront him about anything without a rageful outburst that attacks me and cuts me down. i’m afraid that confronting the lies will just hurt me more in the long run because of the horrible things he will say in order to make himself sound so wonderful.
    all of your answers have been very helpful.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    For real. My phone broke 3 days ago and no one noticed. I have no family or friends. My life sucks. Why not? I hate my life…I want so so bad to call and talk to someone but cant. My phone broke. Im so alone. For real. No one to call. No friends at ALL…or Family. Phone broke why it matter?? Sorry about my luck. Live alone.

    Cant hardly pay bills. Life sucks sucks sucks!!!! better off dying. Promise you that. You would hate my life…for sure.!!!!!

    I maybe should just die. i want to die.
    Not over broken phone…over my bills piled up, everyone hates me. Even cops said they hate comming out here cause my ex husband and drama. I would love to get help but scared. I just want one person in my life. Just one to care…..Is that wrong???
    my email is but dout anyone will respond…sorry bout my luck

  • Myles:

    This past year has probably been the worst year of my life till date. It has taught me a lot about myself and has left me wondering with questions I can’t seem to answer. To give a little background, I am college student and finished 3 years of school in NY. This year I made a decision to leave my old school and transferred to a new one as I was unhappy at my old school and thought that going to a new place would allow me to start over socially and academically.

    It was the worst decision I have ever made. I should never have come here, and now as the days go by, I find myself being filled with more and more regret and self-hatred. It isn’t healthy at all.

    I have never been strong with people my whole life – it has never been a natural skill for me. It is an area that I have had to put a lot of effort and though I have improved greatly with people skills, it is far from adequate and the thought has made me depressed. I am not a recluse hiding in my room all day, I do go out and I can talk to people, I just don’t have anyone I can call as a “close friend”. I can talk normally, make people laugh and whatnot, but for some reason people don’t find me interesting enough to value my company. As a result, I felt lonely coming to this new place, I tried to assimilate into social groups, but was unable too successfully. I made the very poor choice to smoke marijuana to combat my feelings of depression. I abused weed so much that it has destroyed me. This past year I have failed classes, did so poorly in school, and have ultimately become less social.

    The point of this post, is that I want to know what it is about me that makes me unattractive to people? Why can’t I have a good social life? Im a 21 year old guy – nearly 22 and I have never even had a gf till date. The very thought depresses me.

    I am unsure of what to do anymore. I hate feeling so bad about the things I haven’t achieved yet. I had dreams to go to med school, but I have destroyed myself because I made some very poor decisions, every time I go on Facebook and see people older than me, younger than me, having lives, having gfs and whatnot. It kills me. It kills me inside.

    I want to know what the hell is wrong with me so that I too can have a social life, so that I can meet a girl and have a relationship, I want all of these things, but I am just afraid that its too late. I mean I’m almost done with college- the time of your life where your supposed to have all these things. Its just not easy because I keep thinking about this and it is also preventing me from recovering academically so I can go to med school.

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